9 Absolutely Useless Anime Heroes

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Rule of life: in any gang of tough guys there is always a guy capable of absolutely anything. 9 characters, looking at you begin to truly believe in your own superiority.

Their efficiency tends to zero, the number of fails unusually large, and the necessity to society still has not been proven by British scientists. They are – squirrel from the “Ice Age” in the world of anime.

When mankind hangs in the balance of the total death, these guys drink lattes and solve crossword puzzles somewhere aside. But they do not specifically: their task is simple – clearly prove that not everything in this world must go with poker face.

Excalibur SOUL EATER

Here is a peaceful creature, similar to something average between the Moomins, a dog and a banana in a hat – a legendary weapon, having a fiery force. Excalibur could conquer the world, but instead prefers to remain useless whiner with excessive demands for all living things. So he just sits and looks on indulgently fools around.


Kinda like World Champion, kinda like man-rock, but in fact only a skilled liar. Once on the horizon there is some real problem, Satan does, “Screw you guys, I’m going home!” and runs away, trembling with fear. Well, or uses some absurd tactics that will neutralize the enemy force of his stupidity.


This lovely fox-demon participated in the action, but did so very mediocre. There were a couple times when we thought that’s a little bit more, and Shippo clearly show that this power … But happily mingled and hiding behind the skirt of the Kagome.


Technically this teddy boy – nano-engineering, which replaces Ichigo inside the body during its transformations in the conductor of souls. But no matter how impressive it may sound, the main purpose of Kon – be lascivious pervert using his plush mimimi-body to get to the charms chan.


A little naive patty with blue eyes – not the character, who is pinned great hopes. In the background Yuno looked like Stallone on the background of Paris Hilton. By the end of the series Yuki stopped being John Snow and something nevertheless understood, but history has preserved N-tion number of situations, for which he could get a well-deserved award, “Mr. Disappointment.”


The “Death Note” is full of really smart characters with IQ clearly above average. There are Gods and Shinigami. There is even intelligent notebook. And there Sidoh – as well God of death, who accidentally lost his Book, which is why, in fact, started the whole thrash. Sidoh ridiculous, useless and loves chocolate, and in his spare time earns distributor of flyers. God. Flyers distribution.


Most of the heroes of “Tokyo Ghoul” we loved their philosophical views on life and death. Hide’s kind of like also promised to be interesting, mysterious character with a deep inner peace. Character who at some point will make “Wham!” – And give the series an unexpected plot twist. But did not work out. All what he did in the series, was came down to gathering information. What for?..


Nina experienced a heavy loss, and that’s a fact. But it seems that it can not, and should not justify a sudden impenetrable stupidity of the character, which has become a serious threat to character lives of all around. Nina in general did not realize WTF is going on and shamelessly stumble all the way. But what potential! There was some potential!


Chill out, chill out, here’s a fire extinguisher, hold your flames lower back. Yes, the girl – the power, in her frantic strength and excellent pupil knowledge from Harvard. But her love for Sasuke arranged some wild chaos in my head. Sensible and useful Sakura was in extremely rare situations, but 4739 proved her skills level of whining. A girl with pink hair such a girl with pink hair.

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