7 Anime Clichés That Annoys Everyone

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Yes, in anime everything is strictly and clearly. But sometimes banal cliches so annoing that I want to turn on the news and watch the spontaneity and suddenness of what is happening there. We have gathered the most hated of them.

Once you begin to enjoy the flight of the Japanese imagination and hard work of animators, your eyes are ready to leave familiar places from another banal and predictable stamp. We have collected the most important of them in one post, to settle accounts once and for all.


Even before a single character speak, you can guess which person would make his opponent. It would be a hell comfortable in life, but the screen would like to see a greater variety of emotions – otherwise come to the association eaten vampire Bella Swan.

Huge Breasts

You may not believe, but yes! Huge breasts too can get you piss off. Especially when it is attached to all the female characters, even those who should not have it by age.


Once again around the former underdog going from two to infinity lovers girls, well ahead of his mental and external indicators – want to show “Robot Chicken” and get a sobering reality injected directly into the brain.

POWER – The schoolboys

To save the world from the universal evil must minors. Even in those cases where it is necessary to insert them in the giant killer robots or learning to fly on the ropes fixed to the surrounding buildings.

Not-Understanding Boy

In any anime there must be a character, where the most interesting things happen around him, while he, for example, staring at a computer monitor.


The question is, boy or girl in front of you, it is better to solve it immediately. It is much safer when you are at first sight can see what emotions is better not to feel to the character on the screen.

Fan-oriented Service

Suddenly appearing from under the skirt panties, unexpected encounters in the bathroom, a scene on the beaches, catastrophic immediate characters, crawling on the floor without underwear. In general, anything that does not make sense, but very make fans a bit happier.



Nekohoshi  (=^_^=)

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