5 Anime Villains with a Good Heart

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Antagonists that do evil everywhere might not be so bad guys, if you look closer. We have tried and acquitted at least five.


Very few people sow destruction, the chaos and the paper on the streets simply because they like to be scoundrels.


Typically, the reasons are buried deeper. And even the most hopeless outcast, steal the light bulbs in the office elevator, not such a bad guy – if you look into his history.

And if this is also to analyze the composition of crimes, it becomes clear that for everything there are objective reasons. Especially when it comes to anime, with its hidden higher meaning. Let me introduce you – 5 antagonists, which are making things not right, but certainly logical.


Lucy – Elfen Lied

Yes, the girl listed a number of sins. It went wrong with the military, with unfamiliar children, went little crazy with close lover and so on.

But let’s face it: Lucy brought up as an experiment. She did not teach sensitivity and understanding, and – it is actually a weapon. And the military has always been spit on her deep inner peace. And kids even killed her puppy! But with the destruction of the family friend it went too much, okay. But she’s a girl – things happen.

Yagami Light  – Death Nothe

Just a reminder: Light initially Excellent and a good guy (this seems dangerous, but we are not talking about that). He decided to play god exclusively from high motives, hoping to cleanse the world of bad people. Just became a little as always.

There generally raises the question, which is haunted by psychologists, philosophers, and the rest from the time of Plato: Does a man have a right to decide the fate of the other? And where is the boundary of the objectivity of such decisions? In general, it is foolish to judge high school student for what he at one point started to address these issues in a tiny favor of his side.

GRIFFITH – Berserk

Griffith fairly bad guy – he seems to have never missed a particularly serious article of the Criminal Code. But let’s be honest: if the GATS didn’t leave him in the beginning, all this would not have happened! Griffith would have just continued to inspire his squad, but did not go to deny the honor of princesses and cut enemies in batches. So that, all this blood on the GATS’s hands, white and fluffy.

Wammu – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Wikipedia describes him as a noble warrior with the power of wind, and the striker reflexively to anyone who steps on his shadow. He killed a couple of good guys – but they started first. There is not even argue about it: Wamuu brought up from childhood by Kars (bad leader) and simply do not know the other rules of the game.

Meowth – Pokemon

Talking Poke-cat working up a sweat on his paws pads for the villains of the team R. But let’s see the story! Pokemon did what not a single kawaii monster could do: he learned how to talk to people. Without the help of speech therapists and electricity treatment, corny to impress Meowzie.

She didn’t impressed, so he did what at his place would have done everyone – decided to become a powerful and rich that she regret of it. It is worth to mention that Meowth is the smartest member of the team R. And very humane at the same time.

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