5 Anime Similar to Naruto

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It is dedicated to all fans who have watched the epic story about the ninja-boy 48179 times. List of anime series that can replace you “Naruto”.

2 years ago the epoch ended: the last manga episode of “Naruto” was released. The 15-year history ended, leaving a trace in the form of the emblem of the Hidden Leaf village in our anime-hearts.

We hope that during this time you managed to watch the show from and to. Very good if during these 2 years you had time to learn all the same fillers. If so, then you are ideal patients and have got into a post that will cure your little soul.

“Seven Deadly Sins”

Adventure action-anime, in which 50 percent  fights consist of brutality and other 50 – of magic. A few years ago, the group of super-strong knights, known as the “Seven Deadly Sins,” was accused of attempting a coup. On the “help” to the country came the Holy Knights, who solved the situation, while seizing state power. But the young and beautiful princess (the standard kawai Tyan with an eternally innocent look and 34DD size) found out that in reality everything was not right, and decided that it would be good to reunite the “seven”.

“World Trigger”

Ton-ton-ton! The Earth is in danger: there are remarkable “neighbors” on the planet – a vile huge monster and his friends. Together they behave like typical intergalactic tourists: walking, visiting sights, eating the local population. According to the canons of such stories, the organization “Border” stands up for protection, which in between battles, teaches volunteers the art of fighting monsters. Scandals, intrigues, jokes.


Once upon a time there was a ruler in Japan who really read everything in his complaint and suggestions book (and such was). On a quiet day, he was massively asked to save the monstrous spider-demon from attack (Ron Weasley trembles with fear).To the protection of humanity stands “hunters for insects” who arrange a general disinfestation. In the kit – a short-sighted hero, a hysterical ninja girl, a fencing drunkard, pathos battles, stupid jokes and fan-service with no less than the 34D size. What else is needed for happiness?

“One Piece”

Monkey D. Luffy is the novice King of Pirates. He wears a straw hat, an impressive part of the time he walks with a serious face and furrows the seas and oceans. To achieve his goal, to become the chief pirate in the village, he collects a dream-team and together with them, seeks a super treasure. Which is fine – half of the team suffers from the topographical cretinism last stage.

“Soul Eater”

The planet faces a serious danger (again): Kishin attacked the world. He’s vicious, vile and plans to “plunge the world into the abyss of insanity.” In a special Academy, they prepare “duets” of Weapons and Lords – warriors, who in a pair are able to resist demonic forces. Everything is logical: Lords (intelligence, tactics, strategy) command the Weapon (strength, power, units of damage).

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