10 Must Watch Anime Winter Season 2017

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Today I will tell you about the best anime novelties of the winter season. Once again, emphasize the word “novelty”, not the continuations, spin-offs, and other “stuff”, which we have already appreciated in the past thousand years. I cannot call this season a masterpiece, but 10 worthy candidates being collected. So stock up popcorn and rotten tomatoes, we begin.

10 – Fuuka

In the tenth place is very entertaining anime “Fuuka”. Which will tell us about a ordinary guy Yuu Haruna, traditionally of most anime, moved to a new residence in another city. The Japanese in general are such frog travelers, they do not sit in their native swamps. Yuu is a twitter nerd – 24/7 hanging in his smartphone and a leading blog about “how I shit this night”.
But one day he was not fortunate enough being reading tweets, meet Fuuka Akitsuki.
A typical inadequate teen that decided that Yuu is a pervert who hunts on female underwear, and, without doubt, become angry, breaks his phone into rubbish, after which she should have got a good punch, but instead gets a friendly attitude, and with Yuu, they are also classmates. Fuuka chan is not “from this world”: she does not hang up in social networks, she does not have a cell phone, she does not have a boyfriend, she does not have any brains …

Okay, I’m a bit screwed, it’s just burns my ass for a broken smartphone. But Fuuke is addict of music and lures to his sect Yuu revealing to him the whole palette of colors, of the world outside of wretched social networks. A nice cute funny anime that not everyone will like, at least because of their musical orientation and ecchi elements, in my opinion, is a little bit out of place. However, “Fuuka” won 10th place. Anime from the authors “A town where you live” and the director of “Bleach” himself. Oh wait… The “Fuuka” has a prehistory. Okay, I’ll pretend that you did not see it.

9 – Urara Meirochou

This is apparently, anime about the city of fortune tellers. Where the fun store Urara is based, where “matrons” from all over the world aiming to become a tough fortune-teller. The main heroine Chiya is an incredibly cute girl, who grew up in the forest wilderness of the Crimean mountains, arrives in the magical town of Meirochou with the goal of becoming a steep predictor… Aaaand that’s all. I really do not know what else to say about this story.
Well, Chiya will get acquainted with other different cuties, survive, making lasciviousness and whatever else. Absolutely pointless anime with the sweetest drawing, and the same sweet delirium on the screen, a pinch of trash and some yuri. The main heroine deserves separate praising and worship for her adorable face. But after all it is an anime to relax the brain. Gripping my teeth I give the 9th place.

8 – Gabriel DropOut

On the 8th position – “Gabriel DropOut”. And thus embodies the dream of millions of schoolchildren throughout Europe. From the anime we learn about the best student of the school of angels Gabriel, after completing the training of the angels, sent to all four corners of the earth, that is, to practice under terrestrial conditions, so that they can fully enjoy the human “fuck up”. Gabriel has high hopes and an extremely important mission. But something went wrong and Gabriele became nerd. And a big nerd, sit at home all day long playing games for hours, trashed out her apartment fully.

The main riddle of the plot is whether the situation will change, whether someone will kick ass the main heroine, so that she finally lifts her lazy ass and starts working. Will Gabriel give happiness to this world? But judging by what I see around us, a miracle did not happen. Gabriel has remained the “madskillz bto” of the game world. In general – torn, fun anime with a bit of sadistic, specific content and kawai girls. The director, of this anime, has been involved in “To love-Ru tu” and “Chobbits”. At least, I recommend you to watch it.

7 – Masamune-kun no Revenge

“Masamune-kun no Revenge” narrates about the schoolboy – Masamune Makabe, whose, attention it’s genius, is moved into a new school. Ag-zag-zag! J. But that is not so simple – lad has an old dream – to morally humiliate and psychologically crush his old acquaintance Aki Adakaki. In his distant childhood, Masamune was fat as hell, and regularly collects tons of insults directly into his face from peers, and then from the childhood friend, the wealthy and very gaunt girl Aki. She brought him to such insanity that the boy “exploded” and enlisted in the gym.

Now, many years later, he is like a prince on a white couch – smart, handsome and clean-shaven, as has been said before, is being transferred to a new school. And there, surprisingly, an old friend. Now, there is a real chance to take revenge at last your abuser Aki. I wonder how he will do it? Feed her to fatten and force her degrade, and then start calling names. In any case, the series is funny and interesting. Even in spite of the patterned characters, in some ways complete illogicality and typical harem. Will see how it goes next, but for now 7 place.

6 – Interviews With Monster Girls

The sixth place – “Interviews With Monster Girls.” Anime will rub us the story about the existence of a race of half-humans – demi. Cohabiting side by side with a human. But, it is understandable, to live with us legally they did not immediately begin. At first they were: oppressed, expelled, exterminated, etc. etc. But then the peace and friendship and the chewing gum is reconciled. Main pedobear, Tetsuo Takahashi, is not an ordinary Japanese schoolboy. He is not a schoolboy at all, otherwise he will not be a pedobear. Tetsuo decided to drill a dissertation about demi cause not a racist and generally loves this race.

But for now, demi, there is very little left in the world. But he was so lucky. In a new school, where Takahashi got a job as a biology teacher, there was a whole bunch of fantastic beasts and now we know where to find them. There are a vampire, and a succubus, and another kind of crap, which I have never heard of in my life. Yes, and all the petit, and all the girls … Therefore, Tetsuo takes them under their care, well, you know. And it helps to settle in an unfriendly school, trying to investigate in all kind of interesting things, well, you know. But seriously – anime is very kind and sweet. To be honest, in this season, the mimi-meter goes high! In this case: the girls are funny, the main character is an adult, not a template guy, and in general anime really cool. Watch at the leisure.

5 – ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept

Fifth place – “ACCA: 7-Circles of Hell Inspection Dept.” Wait, what? Doh! In 13-districts of the kingdom of Dowa, that lives in peace and harmony due to the positive organization of ACCA, which controls all state governments. Actually, we are talking about the character of Jean Otus, who is the deputy chief of some inspection service, smeared as “butter on the bread”, in all 13 districts of the kingdom. And such geography of offices is not an ulterior motive, because the agency is monitoring the activities of the ACCA organization in all regions. However, everyone does not care about Jean’s high status, and he cannot sit out a thick stove in the office. Regular trips to places of special suspicion are hampered.

In general, anything else to say without powerful spoilers makes it difficult. Anime is very original and similar titles are one-two and done. But not everyone will like it, due to the almost complete lack of action and extremely unhurried narrative. The anime has its own atmosphere. From the author of “House of five leaves”. At least a couple of series I recommend to look, well, then decide for yourself.

4 – Little Witch Academia

On the 4th place we have Harry Potter and the Academy of Witches. Only without Harry Potter. The plot lies in the story about Atsuko(Akko) Kagari, who managed to get into TV show of witch Shiny Chariot as a child. Yes, yes – in the series a parallel world with magicians and Hagrids. In general, after the show, the girl got on the idea of becoming as cool a witch as Chariot, and a few years later Hedwig brings her a letter with a transfer to the most prestigious school of magic – Hogwarts. Nah, just kidding – Luna Nova. However, life is not sugar.

Most of the students reacted to Akko negatively, considering her a beggar of the muggle family, and generally bully her, and even Shiny Chariot shit mixed. But Akko is a die hard and will still show them Timbuktu. Bottom line, an anime about becoming a sorceress through anal pain and preemperation with a non-standard pattern, closer to the Disney drawing, with a trash in the plot, with a wild mix of all kinds of references and generally not for all, but for the positive and so vivid allocation against other tittles of the season – I give 4th place.

3 – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Opens the top three of the winter’s anime – “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”. This frivolous comedy, with a touch of fantasy delirium, will tell the story of a simple office employee Kobayashi, and about the cardinal change of her everyday life, after an unexpected encounter with the dragon. Ahem, I apologize, female dragon Tohru. This reptile looks at people like shit, but Kobayashi is an exception to her, for the girl once saved her from something, and suggested, by boozy fellowship, living at her house, that’s the dragon and stated. Hmm, dragon female, do not find that somehow sounds very rude, it’s still in the human guise kawai girl, let it be a dragonness.

So, the dragonness, Tohru, will dwell in the role of the maid in Kabyoishi’s apartment, and guard her like a hellhound. Bottom line – the anime is a completely chaotic set of different situations, but very interesting and rusty. Definitely the best comedy among the novelties of this season, worthy of the third place and watching.

2 – Saga of Tanya the Evil

Second place is taken by a rather serious anime called “Saga of Tanya the Evil “. Action takes time at parallel universe, where a major military conflict come to it’s peak. In the center of conflict, the platoon commander, a little blond girl Tanya von Degurechaff. Here the speech will be about a certain similarity of the sacred Roman Empire, preserved and fattened. Actually the girl, also not a girl. Under the guise of a blonde hiding the former top manager of a major Japanese company, guilty of his world, and enraged the god. As a punishment, our heavenly father, sent a man into the parallel world, straight into the body of a young beauty. But, given estimate the drawing of female characters, I call her beautiful in quotes. And now, this “beauty”, ready to go through lives to achieve the level of his formerly occupied position. If you expect here kawai girls, wagons of humor, pink ponies, and other anime rubbish. Can disperse, do not wait.

Of course, there is girls, but not kawai. Perfectly conveyed the essence of war, as for the anime of course, the characters and thoughts of the characters. There is an original setting, and an unorthodox drawing. In general, the anime is ambiguous, and much different compare to the season, but the second place, and maybe even higher, deserved. I recommend watch it.

1 – Scum’s Wish

And finally the first place. Already you can guess – “Scum’s Wish”. It’s anime, about which, literally all my friends, buzzed ears, which has the highest ratings among the new products. And which, I must say, is indeed worthy of the first place in the season. It tells about the ideal couple of poor teenagers, Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka. Why they poor? The couple is showy, the teens are not at all in love with each other, and only depict the relationship to the public, in fact, being in love with other characters, and fortunately unrequited. Because otherwise we would not see this beautiful creation.

As it being said, a youngster is in love with his teacher, which was once his tutor. And chan, well, also in love with her teacher. Here is a coincidence. Teenagers are in each other, looking for salvation from loneliness and anguish, by unrequited love. In addition to the common problem, they are also united by physical closeness, which is shown in the series very realistically and without superfluous obscenities. On the further development of relations, between adolescents, the series will tell us. Anime with excellent drawing, live and realistic behavior of characters, unexpected turns of the plot. And, most importantly for me, a fraction of the nostalgia for the individual moments of adolescence. That being said – the top of the season.

I advise you to watch, but not everyone. And the kids, who ain’t have admission to watch this anime by rating, but who cares, do not take everything to close heart and for the truth. And for older people pleasant, or, not very pleasant nostalgia due watching the series.

That’s all.


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